The atmosphere on the track is red hot

For anyone who loves tasting the tarmac, the thrill of a run round the track lies in the details too. Like the use of thermal paints and thermotape.

Conceived for the most experienced and demanding professionals, but also for enthusiasts who love the thrill of a run round the track, thermal paints and thermotape are used to monitor the heat level in the braking system. The paints measure the temperature reached by the brake disc, while the thermotape measures the temperature of the caliper.

The thermal paints are applied around the outer edge of the clean, degreased disc, positioning the strips of coloured paint about one centimetre apart. It’s a good idea to apply the paint strips in two opposite points of the disc, as this lets you check the temperature of the whole band. Before using, shake the bottles and add a few drops of thinner if the pigment is a bit thick. Brush on two layers of paint, then let them dry before you use the bike. Thermotape, on the other hand, is attached in the area of the slave cylinders after cleaning and degreasing the whole area.

Those who love two wheels and the thrill of the track will see a rainbow of colours…


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