The unmistakable Brembo touch on your custom motorbike.

Calipers, discs, brake pumps and clutch pumps: performance combined with precise details. And your custom bike will never be the same again.

Brembo knows full well the needs of custom motorbike owners: performance, reliability, but also comfort and an attractive design.
That’s why Brembo has a range of products for enthusiasts looking for that something extra in each single part of their custom bike: calipers, discs, brake pumps and clutch pumps purposely designed for the custom bike world.
One example is the “.484 custom” caliper, fully machined from solid and finished with an oxidation treatment that gives it an irresistible black anthracite coating. This caliper is compatible with most custom forks on the market, and doesn’t need any modifications.
The custom brake disc is fully floating. It consists of a stainless steel rotor and black anodised housing in aluminium alloy and is the perfect example of Brembo excellence. The dragging effect is guaranteed by 10 anodised aluminium dowels that ensure optimum radial and axial floating. Its 292 mm diameter and 5 mm thickness make it completely interchangeable with the original 11.5” discs of the most common custom bikes.
When it comes to custom motorbikes, Brembo has thought about the brakes and clutch too. In fact, on both the master cylinder and the 19RCS clutch master the holder has a special shape so it can adapt to the 1-inch diameter of the custom handlebars. The two brake master cylinders allow the rider to alter the brake master cylinder inter-axis, changing from 18 mm to 20 mm by simply rotating the special adjuster. This system means the rider can obtain the best possible feeling with his bike: in just a few seconds, using just a screwdriver, you can make the braking or clutch system more aggressive and reactive (20 mm) or softer and more modular (18 mm), to ensure the best comfort.

Thanks to Brembo, your custom bike will never be the same again. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with your nearest retailer!