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Serie Oro Fixed Disc

Product code: 68.B407.A1


The fixed Serie Oro brake discs are made from a single piece of stainless steel in one piece with a design and construction line that respects the very strict tolerances set with machining cycles that guarantee maximum surface flatness and concentricity characteristics. Drawing from its immense experience, Brembo has defined the optimum geometries, tolerances and dimensions for each motorcycle type and application. As a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, Brembo brake discs have a unique conformation that transfers braking torque more effectively while also improving resistance to thermal and mechanical stress.
The Serie Oro is the product with which Brembo entered the racing world in the mid-70s, rapidly becoming the new standard in the sector where discs are concerned.

The purpose of the images is to present the Serie Oro disc range and therefore they may not correspond to the actual shape of the disc required for the selected application. Click on the adjacent icon or print the PDF file to verify the actual shape of the selected product.
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Brembo in short

Brembo Serie Oro brake discs

The Serie Oro disc range: conceived to provide Brembo quality and excellence for all bikers.

The origins of the legend

Four materials and just one disc

Cast iron, steel, aluminium and carbon: the rise and fall of materials for the rotors of the discs used in the top motorbike competitions over the last 30 years.