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Scooter Carbon Ceramic

Product code: 07014.CC


An organic compound for Scooters with an excellent quality/price ratio, long lasting and excellent performance in all conditions of use. It ensures high mileage and stability, especially on city streets where typical Scooter braking is different than that of a motorcycle.

COMPOUND Carbon-Ceramico
WIDTH (sx) mm84,9
HEIGHT (sx) mm42,4
THICKNESS (sx) mm7,5
WIDTH (dx) mm55,8
HEIGHT (dx) mm34,9
THICKNESS (dx) mm9,7
The purpose of the images is solely to present the types of compounds available and therefore they may not correspond to the actual shape of the pads required for the selected application.
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Brembo in short

Brembo: Scooter brake pads

Brembo's range of pads for scooters: ensuring high mileage and stability, especially on city streets.

The origins of the legend

The right brake pad for all motorbikes and all riders

How you use your bike, and therefore the working temperature of its braking system, is the decisive element when it comes to choosing the right pad, whether it’s made of sintered or organic materials